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Chemicals Cost Guide 2002


Specific Websites

Chemical prices in Euro per metric tonne by chemspy.com (and other searches)
For (US) oil and gas prices and trends, try oilnergy.com and Energy Information Adminstration
World Chemical Exchange gives offers to sell and buy around the world
VWRSP Chemical Catalog gives prices for mainly smaller quantities, lab purity from various suppliers
Chinese Chemical Prices
Indian Chemical Prices both local and import
Indian Chemical Prices in Rs and US $
Indian Chemical and Solvent Prices for pharmaceutical manufacturing
Plastic Resin Prices (USA)
findarticles.com gives access to archived articles on markets: search 'Business/Fin' with the name of the chemical and the word 'price'

Guide prices

Note: The following list represents the cost of some bulk chemicals, for use by staff and students in educational institutions for economic calculations. It is not intended for any other purpose and does not imply that chemicals will be available from any supplier at that price. The actual price of a chemical will depend upon the current market, quantities ordered, and contract details. Special purities may command a higher price. Companies may transfer chemicals internally at prices which are considerably less than the external market. Having said the above, it is hoped that this table will be of use in giving students a rough but realistic idea of materials and utilities costs, and will enable academics to give examples and projects which are at least plausible. I will be pleased to receive suggestions of additions and corrections from knowledgeable parties. This document is copyright the Institution of Chemical Engineers, but may be freely quoted and linked providing due acknowledgment is given. For prices in Euros, multiply by 1.5 or check current exchange rate.

Standard commercial purity typically 95+% is assumed unless otherwise specified.

(f) = food grade (t) = technical grade (aq) = aqueous, ie. in water.

1. Gases price £ per 100 m3 (for gaseous chemicals by the tonne, see below)

2. Bulk Chemicals Price £ per tonne 3. Rule of Thumb for materials not specified

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